Know Your Prep Accents: Boston Brahmin

In the last few days, I’ve been focused on New England, posting about Nantucket Reds and their connection with sailing.  Today I found a YouTube video of two teriffic Boston Brahmin gentlemen bantering back and forth about their preferences in literature as well as their peculiar dialect, one associated with some of the original families in this country.  The Brahmin presence in Boston dates back over 350 years.  Many things preppy – including Anglophilia, a reverence for tradition and a thrifty, penny pinching approach – may be attributed to them.  Their dwindling number is directly related to a greater inclination to discuss literature and the arts than to procreate.  All of this somehow reminds me of the Cole Porter lyrics from “Anything Goes” with its Puritan and Plymouth Rock references.  The Ella Fitzgerald 1956 version – my favorite – is posted below.


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