Prepped Out & Layered Up

Some accessories are just hard to find in a thrift store.  One example is this navy and maroon grosgrain watch band which supports a cheapo – but very accurate –  Timex watch.  I bought the band at J. Press for $9.00.  Grosgrain watch bands come in many colors and various stripes.  They are quintessentially preppy, and some people change them frequently depending on ensemble.  I think the navy/maroon band works well with the Brooks Brothers tattersall shirt (thrift store purchase:  $5.00), green L.L. Bean wool sweater (thrift store purchase:  $7.00) and navy Ralph Lauren duffle coat (outlet mall purchase:  $279.00).   With a little more patience, I probably could have found a duffle coat in my size in a thrift store, but the weather in NYC turned cold, and I paid the higher outlet mall price for mine.  It’s very warm and has a hood.  I’m all prepped out and layered up!

McGregor Duffle Coat at Unique Thrift Store

A duffle coat is one of the preppiest items you can own, and it’s been the “in thing” to have for last few years.  Really, it’s a classic that never goes out of style.  There was a beautiful white 100% wool duffle coat from McGregor on the rack yesterday at Unique Thrift Store in Riverdale, NY.  It was a size 36, and the asking price was about $75.00.  It happened to be hanging next to a medium cotton trench coat from Brooks Brothers ($79.99), which I’ll post about another time.  Both items were too small for me.  I’m not sure how old either coat was, but they were in perfect condition as far as I could tell.

While this McGregor lacked a hood, it did have actual wooden toggles like the ones that appeared on the original duffle coats made for the British navy and marketed to the public by Gloverall after World War II.  I’m not sure whether this coat is a vintage item or whether McGregor is still in business, but now I’m curious to find out.

The $75.00 price for this coat seems good to me, considering that I recently bought a navy blue Ralph Lauren duffle coat at one of their factory outlet stores for $275.00 (regular retail is $500.00).   The current price for a Gloverall “Original Monty,” highly coveted by trad/Ivy buffs who scorn anything that isn’t authentic, is £295 or $466.00.  I liked the Gloverall 60th Anniversary video posted on YouTube.  It looks a lot like a Ralph Lauren ad campaign:

Many New England prep schools bought (or required their students to buy) duffle coats of a certain color as part of the school uniform or dress code.  The duffle coat look was prevalent in the 1989 film Dead Poets’ Society, one of my all time favorites,  about a group of boys at one very traditional prep school.