J. Press Moving Sale: 70% Off Selected Merchandise

Of note to all bargain hunters:  while not quite as satisfying as a good thrift find, you can get 70% off selected merchandise at J. Press in honor of their move to a new New York City flagship store.  This is good if you live in the city, or within a reasonable drive, as items cannot be purchased online.  Having left NYC last year, I regret that I can’t explore what’s available in the sale.  The J. Press store was on the same block as my wife’s office.  I passed by there just about every day on the way to Grand Central.

J. Press - 70% Off

J. Press Grosgrain Ribbon Watch Bands

J. Press Grosgrain Ribbon WatchbandsOne of the most practical and usable accessories to have in the wardrobe is a grosgrain ribbon watch band.  These three from J. Press are the ones that I use most often. Top to bottom:  red and navy stripe, blue white and red stripe (reversible  to a red,white and navy side) and a solid light blue band.  The latter actually gets the most wear, as it will go with almost any clothing combination.

J. Press grosgrain watch bands retail for $18.00 to $29.00, but they currently have a 40% off sale.  As much as I’d like to find these in a thrift store, it’s nearly impossible.  So I wait for a good sale to buy the ones I want at a discount.  Maybe it’s a lot of fuss over what will support a very cheap Timex with a visibly scratched face, but I’m just quirky that way.

For more about the place of grosgrain ribbon watch bands in preppy culture (and their recent resurgence in men’s fashion), check out Ivy Style.

Window Shopping at J. Press

Walking up Madison Avenue yesterday evening, my wife and I passed J. Press, the bastion of traditional men’s clothing.  The store was closed, which removed any temptation I might have had to go in and buy something.  But we spent a few minutes looking at some of their spring offerings in the window displays.  They’re making a big push for the “unconstructed” cotton jackets this season.

I do plan to make a return trip soon to pick up a grosgrain  ribbon belt with a D-ring buckle (already have one of theirs in wine/navy).  I’d also like to get a bow tie to go with a linen jacket I found on a recent thrift expedition.  Note the khakis below with the standard 1 3/4″ cuffs.