Vintage Brooks Brothers Argyle Sweater

This afternoon at Housing Works on W. 17th Street in Manhattan, I found a vintage Brooks Brothers crew neck Argyle Sweater, which was made in England of 100% Shetland wool.  Judging from the label, it is likely from the early 80s.  I carefully inspected every inch of the material before buying it.  There were no visible signs of wear – no holes or weak spots and no loose stitching at the seams.  It was in excellent condition, and I consider it a nice find.  Cost:  $25.00.  While the price was fair, it was a good bit higher than I might have paid in a thrift store outside Manhattan.  Located in the fashionable West Side neighborhood of Chelsea, Housing Works commands top dollar among thrift stores.  I can’t haggle there like I might at a mom and pop shop.  However, it’s still much better than paying retail, and the proceeds go to charity

Housing Works - Interior View

Brooks Brothers Glen Plaid Sport Coat

I bought a Brooks Brothers glen plaid sport coat at the Housing Works Thrift Shop (143 W. 17th Street in Manhattan).  The design is a 3-button, natural shoulder sack cut.  I’d say it’s in the range of 10-15 years old; but it’s in great condition and shows few signs of wear.  Price:  $10.00.  It’s also an excellent fit (43 regular) and requires only one minor alteration:  having the collar lowered in the back.  There is a slight ridge just below the collar that my tailor can take in and make perfectly smooth.  That work usually runs about $12.00.  This coat would go with khakis or gray flannels and an ecru button down. It occurred to me that this could possibly be an orphaned suit jacket, but it really doesn’t seem like it.