Vintage Brooks Brothers Argyle Sweater

This afternoon at Housing Works on W. 17th Street in Manhattan, I found a vintage Brooks Brothers crew neck Argyle Sweater, which was made in England of 100% Shetland wool.  Judging from the label, it is likely from the early 80s.  I carefully inspected every inch of the material before buying it.  There were no visible signs of wear – no holes or weak spots and no loose stitching at the seams.  It was in excellent condition, and I consider it a nice find.  Cost:  $25.00.  While the price was fair, it was a good bit higher than I might have paid in a thrift store outside Manhattan.  Located in the fashionable West Side neighborhood of Chelsea, Housing Works commands top dollar among thrift stores.  I can’t haggle there like I might at a mom and pop shop.  However, it’s still much better than paying retail, and the proceeds go to charity

Housing Works - Interior View

Shetland Wool Argyle Sweater From L.L. Bean

Each Monday at Unique Thrift Store in Riverdale, NY is Customer Appreciation Day – all items are 25% off the marked price.  On Thursdays, you can get 25% off the marked price by showing a store card, which is easy to sign up for and is also free.  The 100% shetland wool argyle sweater vest from L.L. Bean below was $4.99 last Thursday, but I got it for $3.75 with my store card.  The online price for this type of sweater at Bean runs $69-$74.  This one will be a nice addition for cooler early fall days.