Join the Preppy Anti-Defamation League Today!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. With Memorial Day just over, you should consider joining or renewing your annual membership with the Preppy Anti-Defamation League (PADL). Even though we’re in the middle of a pandemic, summer is still go-to-hell season, a time when Nantucket Reds, madras patchwork plaid, and other clothes of blinding primary colors will be worn to the consternation of Zoom meeting attendees across the country. However, those of you venturing outside with your seersucker masks and radiant ensembles shouldn’t have any trouble with social distancing. The general public will go out of their way to avoid your brilliance, but those caught by surprise may complain about retina damage due to the intensity of your clothing. You will need proper support. Other than a trust fund, your PADL membership is the best support mummy and daddy can give. Meet this year’s PADL officers, all just re-elected by mail-in ballot (L to R): John J. “Jake” Balderdash, III (President), Muffy Armitage Balderdash (Secretary), and John J. “Skip” Balderdash, IV (Vice-President).

My New Etsy Store: Ivy Style Shop

In addition to my eBay store for men’s clothing, I have just created an Etsy store which is called Ivy Style Shop.

The eBay store will offer contemporary items (2000 to present) from established men’s clothiers.  The Etsy store will focus more on vintage items from the 1960s to the 1990s, and other unique and hard to find items. There will be well-made, high-quality items in each store.  Listings will be expanding weekly.  Please check in with each when you have an opportunity.

I’m linking here to vintage items on my Etsy store:  Ivy Style Shop.

For more  recent men’s clothing:  Shop my eBay Store.


Thrift Store Preppy is Back – So Is My eBay Store!

Well, it’s been a long, long hiatus, but I’m back and will be blogging again.  What can I say,  summer is here – no better time to be preppy!

I’ve opened my eBay store with new listings from Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Land’s End, with Murray’s Toggery Shop (home of Nantucket Reds) and J. Press (the quintessential American clothier) soon to come.  You’ll find lots of summer attire, including seersucker and madras, ribbon and surcingle belts, loafers, Clarks desert boots (soon to come), and even a Brooks Brothers poplin suit.  If you want to find excellent quality traditional clothing and rock bottom prices, visit my store.

Brooks Brothers 44R Poplin Suit, Plain 38W Front Pants With 1.5″ Cuffs – starting at $19.99.

Brooks Brothers 346 Men’s 58L Silk Repp Tie – Available at $11.99 (just a little more than the cost of a Bloody Mary on Martha’s Vineyard).

Top 20 Preppy Colleges in the South

In 2011, I published my first list of the top preppy colleges in the South.  It was limited to 10 colleges, and it was difficult to make decisions on which to include.  It was an entirely subjective process.  Most decisions were based on my experiences of the respective campuses considered.  I also spent time talking to current students and recent graduates to get their perspective.

For this year’s list, I’ve decided to expand the number to 20.  I use the term colleges, but I’m including both colleges and universities.  So the range is extensive.  Most of the schools listed this year are relatively small, private liberal arts institutions.

Hampden-Sydney College keeps its  #1 ranking again — as the most preppy college in the South – while Washington and Lee University moves up to the #2 ranking to challenge.

Hampden-Sydney College

The state of Virginia has the most schools listed (8), followed by  North and South Carolina (4 each), Tennessee (2), Mississippi (1) and Alabama (1).  Is there a bias? Probably.  Am I open to suggestions and revisions?  Definitely!  Let me know which schools you think should make the list, or which ones should be excluded.


1.  Hampden-Sydney College, Hampden-Sydney, VA.  (Founded 1775)

2.  Washington & Lee University, Lexington, VA.  (Founded 1749)

3.  Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA.  (Founded 1901)

4.  University of the South, Sewanee, TN.  (Founded 1857)

5.  University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA. (Founded 1819)

6.  Wofford College,  Spartanburg, SC.  (Founded 1854)

7.  Furman University, Greenville, SC.  (Founded 1826)

8.  College of Charleston, Charleston, SC.  (Founded 1770)

9.  Converse College, Spartanburg, SC.  (Founded 1889)

10.  Hollins University, Roanoke, VA.  (Founded 1842)

11.  Mary Baldwin College, Staunton, VA.  (Founded 1842)

12.  Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, VA.  (Founded 1830)

13.  Elon University, Elon, NC.  (Founded 1889)

14.  Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.  (Founded 1873)

15.  University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS.  (Founded 1848)

16.  Davidson College, Davidson, NC.  (Founded 1837)

17.  Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC.  (Founded 1834)

18.  University of Richmond, Richmond, VA.  (Founded 1830)

19.  University of Alabama, Tuscalosa, AL.  (Founded 1831).

20.  Duke University, Durham, NC.  (Founded 1838)

Thrifted Brooks Brothers Poplin Suit

Poplin SuitSince the move to South Carolina last summer, I’ve had a chance to scout thrift stores in my area and have found some really good ones.  But the Brooks Brothers olive poplin suit I’m wearing above is one that I bought while still in New York City.  It’s from Unique Thrift Store in Riverdale, a short walk from where we lived at the edge of Van Cortlandt Park and 242nd Street.  We were so far north in the city that the Westchester County line was only a half mile away.  Riverdale was a great place to go thrift shopping.

The Brooks Brothers suit was a nice find at $15.00 and in perfect condition, showing no signs of wear.  But I’m picky about suits.  This has a 2-button front, and I like 3/2 roll.  It also has darts, and I prefer suits without them.  However, I couldn’t pass up this find.  A poplin suit is wonderful for summer, and the fit was correct (44 regular).  The the sleeves were precisely the right length, allowing 1/4 inch of cuffs to show, and the only alteration necessary was to have the collar lowered in the back, taking out a slight ridge that showed when standing still.

As for the suit pants, they are exactly what I prefer:  plain front with cuffs and the slightest of breaks.  The bottom of the pants just touches the top of my loafers.  These cuffs are 1 and 1/4 inch, which I wear most often.  But some of my pants have the more traditional 1 and 3/4 inch cuffs.  The suit pants needed no alterations at all.  This is the sort of find that is the best when thrifting.  Having to have several alterations done for a single suit can quickly become expensive.

The closest comparable suit to this one on the Brooks Brothers website is the sage colored Madison Fit Poplin Suit for $498.00.  The cut is a good bit different.  This one appears to be tapered on the sides, while mine is roomy and more of a sack suit cut.

Sage Poplin

The other thrifted items I’m wearing are a pair of tassel Bass Weejuns with a beefroll from the Salvation Army ($5.99) in nearly new condition and a silk rep tie from Christian Pelini also from the Salvation Army (.50 cents).

My button down is a 100% cotton oxford cloth traditional fit model from Brooks Brothers.  It came from the flagship Madison Avenue store and was a birthday gift from my wife last spring.  However, she did use her 30% corporate discount card to buy it ($55.65).  My cordovan leather belt is from the men’s department at Sears ($19.99).  We’re penny pinchers to the end!


  • Brooks Brothers suit ($498.00 retail vs. $15.00 Thrifted) = $483.00
  • Bass Weejuns w/Tassel ($109.00 retail vs. $5.99 Thrifted) = $103.01
  • Brooks Brothers OCBD ($79.50 retail vs. $55.65 discount) = $23.85


Note:  Christian Pelini no longer appears to be a retail brand and is considered a vintage tie.  So I don’t have any information on the savings for that item.

Poplin Close Up

My Blogging Hiatus – A Move and Such

I’ve been out of the blogging and thrifting loop for some time.  Moving to another state – from New York to South Carolina – will do that.  So will spending an entire summer of house rennovations.  Having been an apartment dweller in the Big Apple, I have learned more about tile, grout, studs, dry wall, sheet rock and tongue-and-groove flooring than I ever thought possible.  With rennovations, the rule of thumb is that where one issue or complication pops up, more are sure to follow.  But now that things are winding down on that front and life is settling into a normal pattern, I hope to be up with thrifting posts soon.  Stay tuned.