Thrifted Nautical Flag Belt – $3.99

My latest thrift purchase was a nautical flag belt – embroidered on leather with a webbed cotton backing and a brass buckle.  The belt was made by Zep-Pro, a company I had no heard of before.  The low price ($3.99) and overall good condition made this an excellent find.  It always pays to check the belt section.  I often find motif belts in excellent condition by Leather Man Limited that are typically priced under $5.00 vs. $45.00 or more at retail.

 Zep-Pro is based in Pembroke Park, Florida and makes a range of belts and accessories, including ribbon on webbed cotton, collegiate belts and keychains as well as motif pet collars and leads.  By the preponderance of deep sea and fresh water fish motifs, it’s safe to say they cater to the angler.

I can’t access the Zep-Pro price list, which requires access to a secure server by request only.  Odd.  I’d estimate the price falls in the range of $45.00 to $60.00.  I think this belt will go nicely with my Nantucket Reds.

Khakis Embroidered With Tennis Racquets

On a recent trip to Greenville, SC to visit family, I had a chance to scout some of the local thrift stores there.  The best one by far was The Nearly New Shop run by The Junior League.  Lots khakis and button downs (pinpoint and oxford cloth), silk ties by well known makers, great suits and sport coats and lots of items from Rush Wilson, Ltd., a traditional clothier in town, where I started shopping as a teenager.  The find of the day was a pair of Ralph Lauren 100% cotton khakis with a plain front – never buy pleated – and embroidered with tennis racquets.  They were a perfect fit in the waist and inseam and needed no tailoring.  The bottom of the khakis just touches the top of my penny loafers. I wear my pants with little or no break.  The price:  $8.00!!  (Retail price at Ralph Lauren is about $79.50).  My only regret about these pants is that they weren’t cuffed, but they were still a great find.