The Return of Preppy

Pop your collars and dust off your Top Siders.  In the last few years, preppy has made a comeback in the world of fashion.  Lisa Birnbach, author of The Official Preppy Handbook, came out in the fall of 2010 with a sequel called True Prep, which takes into account that preppy clothes have become mainstream.  There has been a slew of other related books, including The Ivy Style, Preppy:  Cultivating Ivy Style and a reprint of the iconic 1965 book Take Ivy.  Some designers – notably  Thom Browne and Tommy Hilfiger – have reinterpreted the classic style for a younger market, but their asking prices can be steep.

If you’re a preppy whose stocks have tanked and whose trust fund has taken a massive hit, let me help.  I’ll show you how to keep your lifestyle afloat under dire economic circumstances.  If you’re completely new to the preppy aesthetic, I can also help.  The clothes can be expensive, but don’t despair if don’t have a lot of money to spend.  You can find most of the items that you’ll need to build your wardrobe  in various thrift stores at a fraction of retail prices.  You can add to those finds items from a few good consignment shops, sidewalk sales and eBay auctions.  Soon you’ll have the basic elements of preppy style down without breaking the bank.

In my outings, I regularly find clothes from J. Press, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Bass, Corbin, Haspel, L.L. Bean, Lands’ End,  Orvis, J. Crew and even Hilfiger (though I don’t like his line).  Most of those clothes are in excellent condition, but I also find the occasional button down with a slightly frayed collar or a shetland wool sweater that has been repaired with loving care.  I don’t rule those out either.  If a garment is well-designed and solidly constructed, it merits consideration.   Thrift shopping requires patience, a discriminating eye and only a few dollars.  While thrifting won’t get you into the Larchmont Yacht Club or Piping (so exclusive that you can’t view the website unless you’re a member), it will allow you to achieve a classic and comfortable style that will weather any trend.  Isn’t that the most important consideration after all?  This is your invitation to join the Parsimonious Preppy Club.

About Me – The Preppy Croc

I’m a dandy, a flâneur and a professional raconteur.  My previous occupations were actor, ne’er-do-well and professional student.  

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