My New Etsy Store: Ivy Style Shop

In addition to my eBay store for men’s clothing, I have just created an Etsy store which is called Ivy Style Shop.

The eBay store will offer contemporary items (2000 to present) from established men’s clothiers.  The Etsy store will focus more on vintage items from the 1960s to the 1990s, and other unique and hard to find items. There will be well-made, high-quality items in each store.  Listings will be expanding weekly.  Please check in with each when you have an opportunity.

I’m linking here to vintage items on my Etsy store:  Ivy Style Shop.

For more  recent men’s clothing:  Shop my eBay Store.


Thrift Store Preppy is Back – So Is My eBay Store!

Well, it’s been a long, long hiatus, but I’m back and will be blogging again.  What can I say,  summer is here – no better time to be preppy!

I’ve opened my eBay store with new listings from Brooks Brothers, J. Crew, Land’s End, with Murray’s Toggery Shop (home of Nantucket Reds) and J. Press (the quintessential American clothier) soon to come.  You’ll find lots of summer attire, including seersucker and madras, ribbon and surcingle belts, loafers, Clarks desert boots (soon to come), and even a Brooks Brothers poplin suit.  If you want to find excellent quality traditional clothing and rock bottom prices, visit my store.

Brooks Brothers 44R Poplin Suit, Plain 38W Front Pants With 1.5″ Cuffs – starting at $19.99.

Brooks Brothers 346 Men’s 58L Silk Repp Tie – Available at $11.99 (just a little more than the cost of a Bloody Mary on Martha’s Vineyard).