My Blogging Hiatus – A Move and Such

I’ve been out of the blogging and thrifting loop for some time.  Moving to another state – from New York to South Carolina – will do that.  So will spending an entire summer of house rennovations.  Having been an apartment dweller in the Big Apple, I have learned more about tile, grout, studs, dry wall, sheet rock and tongue-and-groove flooring than I ever thought possible.  With rennovations, the rule of thumb is that where one issue or complication pops up, more are sure to follow.  But now that things are winding down on that front and life is settling into a normal pattern, I hope to be up with thrifting posts soon.  Stay tuned.



  1. Okay, I have a silly question concerning a personal phobia about thrift shops — as an ex-City person, were you ever concerned about bedbugs in your finds? (Did you ever find one?)

    1. That’s a funny question, and good one. I’ve never had a bedbug issue issue with any of my thrift finds. But I have always tended to shop in thrift stores near affluent neighborhoods. Those stores tend to be clean, and well-organized. Their donated items are most often in excellent condition and typically arrive laundered, which is always a good sign, but no guarantee that bedbugs wouldn’t migrate to a freshly starched Brooks Brothers shirt. So as an extra precaution, I always wash the thrift items I buy before wearing them. Never a problem with bedbugs. But now that you mention it, I feel itchy. 🙂

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