Preppies Protect Yourselves: Join PADL Today!!

Lifetime Members of the Preppy Anti-Defamation Lague (L to R):  John J. Balderdash III, Buffy Balderdash and John J. “Skip” Balderdash IV.

Now is the time to consider joining or renewing your annual membership with PADL:  Preppy Anti-Defamation League.   Summer is go-to-hell season, a time when Nantucket Reds, madras patchwork plaid and other clothes of blinding primary colors, which have been blamed on traffic accidents,  are worn to the consternation of the legible-clothing-wearing general public.  Other than a trust fund, your PADL membership is the best support mummy and daddy can give.


4 thoughts on “Preppies Protect Yourselves: Join PADL Today!!

  1. It must be greatly threatening to True Preppies that the general public can actually purchase items of Prephood via the Internet.

    I certainly want to protect this dying breed! Sign me up!

    • True, the aspirational preppy movement has nothing to do with having attended an elite boarding school. The Official Preppy Handbook cracked the cultural/sartorial tribal code, and retailers such as Ralph Lauren and J. Crew have used that knowledge to their advantage.

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