Preppies Protect Yourselves: Join PADL Today!!


Lifetime Members of the Preppy Anti-Defamation Lague (L to R):  John J. Balderdash III, Buffy Balderdash and John J. “Skip” Balderdash IV.

Now is the time to consider joining or renewing your annual membership with PADL:  Preppy Anti-Defamation League.   Summer is go-to-hell season, a time when Nantucket Reds, madras patchwork plaid and other clothes of blinding primary colors, which have been blamed on traffic accidents,  are worn to the consternation of the legible-clothing-wearing general public.  Other than a trust fund, your PADL membership is the best support mummy and daddy can give.




  1. It must be greatly threatening to True Preppies that the general public can actually purchase items of Prephood via the Internet.

    I certainly want to protect this dying breed! Sign me up!

    1. True, the aspirational preppy movement has nothing to do with having attended an elite boarding school. The Official Preppy Handbook cracked the cultural/sartorial tribal code, and retailers such as Ralph Lauren and J. Crew have used that knowledge to their advantage.

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