How To Tie A Bow Tie – With Rush Wilson III

As fun as it is to find well-made, classic clothes at bargain basement prices, I also believe in supporting local retail clothiers – particularly when certain items are difficult to find otherwise.  High quality bow ties of 100% silk or cotton are perfect examples.  Recently, I stopped by Rush Wilson Limited in Greenville, SC to look at the current selection of bow ties, with a particular eye for the madras variety.

In this video, store owner Rush Wilson III demonstrates the correct way to tie a bow tie.  He is a very friendly gentleman and will spend time answering each customer’s questions.  His father – Rush Wilson, Jr. – founded the Greenville store in 1959, having opened his first store in Davidson, NC a few years earlier.  Over the years, he developed very close relationships with the community.  You can tell that Rush III has continued that way of doing business.  He cares about the people who shop there and wants them to look their best.

In an era of mass-marketed style, it’s nice to see a traditional  men’s shop thriving, one where the sales associates know you by name.  Aside from offering clothing of superior quality, Rush Wilson Limited’s long-term success is based on getting to know each customer in order to best meet his wardrobe needs, rather than trying to sell him just anything. If you’re ever in town, you should definitely stop by. You don’t find this sort of unique and personalized retail experience every day – so don’t be in a hurry.

Interior view of Rush Wilson Limited in Greenville, SC.

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