Paul Stuart Button Down for $7.99

Location:  The Salvation Army, 208 8th Avenue, New York, NY.  I had only one find at this location last time I visited, but it was a very good one, a 100% cotton tattersall button down from Paul Stuart.  The asking price was $7.99.  This was actually a terrific find considering that Paul Stuart shirts are astronomically priced. The store’s website puts the price for a dress shirt in this style anywhere from $197.00 to $297.00 (although I think at the higher end the shirts are made of Italian cotton broadcloth and have French cuffs).  It’s not often that I come across a Paul Stuart button down on my thrift expeditions.

The tattersall pattern is composed of navy and light purple stripes.  Of course, I could wear the shirt casually without a tie, but I think it could look really sharp with at tie and perhaps a navy blazer.


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