Harvard University – A Trade School for Preppies?


“Not sure what you want to do once you graduate from your exclusive prep school? Let our informational video commercial help you make the right decision for your future. ”

My favorite quotes:

“That trust fund wont last forever.  So why not make the choice today to improve your future for a better tomorrow?”

“Harvard University:  educating the rich since 1636.”

Sartorially Noteworthy:

Narrator:  Sweater tied around the neck over Polo/Lacoste style shirt.  Final scene:   popped collar and khakis on the preppy to the far left, madras shorts on the preppy couple in the back.

Faux Pas (Final Scene):

The two preppies in the back have their shirts untucked.  They’re also wearing sandals, while Sperry Topsiders would have been better.  Preppy to the far right is wearing cargo shorts.   That is very un-preppy.  And what’s up with the pool?  He’s not kidding about the trust fund running out!


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