Nautical Flag Belt and Ribbon Belt

I found a really great nautical flag belt for just $4.99 at  Unique Thift Store in Riverdale, NY.  The belt was hand made by Leather Man Ltd. of  Essex, CT.  The materials, stitching and overall workmanship are first rate.  Similar motif belts at  J. Press retail for $45.00.  It’s probably worth noting that I also found a square ring ribbon belt on the same trip for $4.99 (below).  Compare that price with the $39.00 J.Press asks for its ribbon belts.  There was no label on it, but I liked the colors.  I could wear it next summer with khaki shorts and a navy or white Lacoste.  I also scored several great shetland wool sweaters and cardigans, which I’ll post about soon.

Belts can get really expensive – especially ones done in needlepoint.  Although this next belt wasn’t a thift store find, I paid close to a thrift store price.  It’s a blue Vineyard Vines needlepoint belt with fish hook and lime wedge motifs that I picked up at a sidewalk sale last August in Westport, CT.  The cost:  $19.00 (compare that with the retail average of $150.00).  Not Bad.  Just up the street at Brooks Brothers, I picked up a 3-button  tweed sport coat (windowpane pattern) for $98.00.  The regular price was $300.00.  Keep an eye out for sidewalk sales.  You can do really well there.



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