Brooks Brothers Bow Tie at Columbia U

I was on the upper west side of NYC this morning and stumbled upon a terrific shop:  Columbia U Consignment at 50 Tiemann Place and Broadway  just a few blocks north of Columbia University.  The manager was very friendly and well-versed in vintage and contemporary fashion, taking time to show me various jackets that were of interest.

There were some great items including Burberry trench coats (both vintage and nearly new), a slik Hermes men’s jacket, Clark’s Desert Boots, English leather riding boots, Stubbs and Wooten hand made slippers and vintage Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses.  I spotted a silk stripped bow tie from Brooks Brothers and decided to buy it…a bit of a splurge at $25.00, but a bargain considering that a comparable tie sells at retail for $55.00.  I highly recommend a trip to Columbia U if you are in the area.

Here is an example of a similar tie at Brooks:


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