Dirty Buck Oxford for Fall/Winter

Another find at Unique Thrift Store in Riverdale, NY was a pair of dirty bucks.  These suede shoes with brick red soles are the fall/winter counterpart to the classic white bucks of spring/summer.  There was no discernable maker name on the insole.   The asking price was about $12.00.  I didn’t buy these because they were size 10, and I wear an 11.   I really didn’t like the white stitching on the uppers. The laces were not the originals.  Had I bought the shoes, I would have found more appropriate laces (smaller, rounded and closer to the color of the shoe).    As a point of comparison, Sperry asks $48.00 for their dirty bucks, and Florsheim asks $89.95.  Of course, the prices can get much more expensive than that.  Alden shoes, for example, run into the hundreds of dollars.

One interesting note about these shoes:  the soles were apparently intended to withstand thousands of miles of walking.  They’re made of Goodyear rubber like the tire.  These shoes felt slightly heavier than most contemporary oxfords, but that would be a small sacrifice if they proved super durable.



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